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LINK Subscription

6 inch MOBILE DEVICE - LEASE - In Stock

$12.99 / month

LINK is the premier EVV enterprise smartphone that is secure, compliant, and cost-effective. LINK's data plans are packaged in lower data increments specifically for EVV application use. With security powered by IBM MaaS360, this smartphone was designed with security as a priority. LINK’s software is not only compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act and HIPAA, but it enables users to improve efficiencies within the provider networks and managed care organizations.

The lease feature also means you will get a brand new device every 12 months. Of course, we'll want the old one back so we can be responsible to the environment, but we'll make sending it back simple.


Delivered by the trusted cellular providers of the Lifeline Assistance Program

LINK is compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act & HIPAA. As a single-use device, Link replaces a caregiver’s personal phone for EVV visits, eliminating concerns of tracking and personal data overages. Learn more about the partners supporting LINK by clicking here or more about the general mandate by watching EVV - Introduction and Information Video.

LINK a single-purpose device built for the purpose of enabling electronic visit verification (EVV) to happen the right way. LINK is an enterprise device that operates on Android OS 10.0, with security powered by IBM Maas360, enabling Payers to easily manage their devices securely, including wipe and lock functions. When LINK is deployed, security and compliance requirements are instantly met while concerns of tracking are virtually eliminated.  

Why does LINK make more sense than BYOD?

There are a number of great reasons, including no concerns of data overage on your personal device, no provider concerns of tracking, and cost effective data plans.  As well, the device comes pre-installed with an Enterprise MDM (IBM MaaS360), providing consistency of devices deployed in EVV program. 

Which EVV application do I use?

Check with your software vendors and/or State EVV vendor and download the application(s) from the LINK Marketplace directly on your LINK device. If they are not in the LINK Marketplace, parties can submit applications here and reach out to us at Applications will be added to the LINK Marketplace over-the-air for you to download on your device ASAP.

Do you provide EVV Software or an EVV App?

No. We exclusively offer a cost-effective, enterprise Electronic Visit Verification device. We do not compete in the EVV industry, but rather partner with EVV vendors, States, Providers and MCOs to facilitate their EVV implementation. Partner mobile applications are available in the LINK Marketplace, a private EVV managed play store. LINK smartphone users will have access to all applications in the marketplace - and those apps only. If your State or Vendor EVV application is not available in the LINK Marketplace, please contact them immediately, and we can add the application to the marketplace over the air to start electronically verifying visits immediately. EVV parties should submit their application here and/or by contacting us at

Will the device support security updates?


Will the device support operating system updates?


What if I need a new device?

If a device is malfunctioning prior to the replacement timeframe, a new one will be sent.

How do I get the appropriate EVV applications?

The LINK Marketplace will come preloaded on the device. This managed Google Playstore will allow EVV applications to be downloaded at your convenience and choice.

Do I have to find a carrier and MDM myself?

No. The LINK device comes as a complete solution including the device, a data plan and IBM MaaS360. I will arrive to the shipping destination of choice, fully activated, provisioned and ready to use.

IBM MaaS360
Smartphone 4G LTE
4G Network
Screen size
Google Chrome
ARM-Cortex – A53
1.5GHz/Quad Core
MT6739 supporting Android Enterprise
Memory Size
3BG + 32GB
2800 mA